Friday Give-Back (Mudseason)

Mudseason ©Sandra-Lee Phipps, All Rights Reserved.

An 8x10 will be mailed to the 7th person to email "mudseason" to slp (at)
additional editions will be made available
I'll do editions of
200 8x10s for $20/each
20 13x19 for $200/each

hello to all in the blogosphere- i've been on the fence about this way of communicating and have sporadically posted but have decided to dip my toe- or feet really- into this space. thanks to my husband photographer Russell Kaye I've been added to his Friday Give-Back. this idea comes from the wonderful Jen Bekman 20X200- a great new tool for artists and in a way reinventing the way anyone can become an art collector.

please forgive the intrusion if i interfere with the work of life in the "real" world but I wanted to try out this way of getting the work out there. spread the word if you know anyone stuck in the proverbial mud who need a wonderful reminder that it's not all that bad-sometimes it actually feels, sounds, and looks pretty great!

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Anonymous said...

Sandy, I am totally inspired by your blog, and 20X200. I can't wait to have you folks as neighbors!!!