Jon Edwards School House 2003

Thinking about teaching again, I have to toot the horn of a very great documentary photographer Jon Edwards.

I can humbly claim Jon as a former student, however I know he later studied with some heavy hitters such as the wonderful Andrea Modica and Keith Carter. His personal project "A Way of Being" has gotten so much recognition and praise and looking at his work you'll see why.

I was please to see his work in the final selection over at Photolucida's Critical Mass competition. Go Jon!

The South 1980's- Sandra-Lee Phipps

Well, despite my best intentions, it seems blogging takes a backseat to life, but I wanted to mention I was just in Atlanta presenting my work at the SCAD Atlanta campus. Getting the work together made me shuffle through old prints and I found many images like the one above to happily revisit. It can get tiring to tend to those old b/w prints and lug around the negs. and boxes but maybe there's something to having to do this.